Jessica Simpson’s Marriage Allegedly ‘Falling Apart’ Behind Closed Doors, Latest Gossip Says

Is Jessica Simpson on the precipice of divorce? One report says she and Eric Johnson are privately falling apart. Gossip Cop investigates.

According to Us Weekly, a recent joyful Instagram post was really a clever smokescreen. Simpson and Johnson are celebrating their 11th anniversary, but any joy is purely a farce.

“They maintain a certain image by posing for all these mushy social media posts,” a source says, “but behind it all, there are difficulties — and it’s a lie for Jessica or Eric to state otherwise.”

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Don’t be fooled by Simpson’s sobriety or billion-dollar fortune: She’s clinging to Johnson with all she’s got. “The balance they had in the early years of their marriage is gone, and Jessica is realizing that she needs Eric a lot more than he needs her.

She’s become incredibly paranoid that he’s going to walk away,” an insider reveals. The two had been doing well, but Simpson’s jealousy got the best of her. She started suffocating Johnson with her rules and tight leash. A source says, “When you look at him, it’s clear he’s aged like 20 years in the last decade.”

Meanwhile, another source insists that the two are doing fine and are currently enjoying a romantic getaway. An insider concludes, “The bottom line is that she and Eric are a team, and while times may get tough, the idea of divorce is not an option to Jessica.”

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This tabloid is seriously telling its readers to trust what Us Weekly tells you to think instead of trusting Simpson herself. It goes so far as to say the two are lying when they act happy. Most tabloids just make up stories, so it’s pretty rare to see one act so bold as to call its subjects liars.

This kind of rhetoric devolves into a he-said-she-said. Her Instagram is riddled with photos of Johnson, complete with extremely personal captions.

They support one another, and there’s no hint of “neediness” or clinginess. This is just a sexist story that wants to handwave Simpson’s litany of accomplishments in favor of portraying her as a needy and nagging wife. It’s regressive and cruel.

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Us Weekly has a very short memory. Just last year, it sat down for an interview with Simpson where she discussed her marriage. She said, “In terms of my marriage to Eric, I have never felt more myself or freer.”

She added that they “have a true mind, body and soul connection.” Those are the words from a strong couple, not a lopsided one. It’s mind-boggling how this tabloid could ignore its own exclusive interview with a story like this.

If you need any more proof to not trust this story, look at how it hedges its bets at the end. Ninety percent of this story is spent attacking Simpson, only for random other sources to backtrack completely. This last-minute hedge is not nearly enough to make up for the dreck.

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Last year, the National Enquirer claimed Johnson needed to lose weight or go to court, but the former football player is just large by nature. It later reported that Johnson was looking too scruffy and needed to “get a job.”

So many outlets put words in Simpson’s mouth, yet she only sings Johnson’s praises. These two are enjoying a vacation to celebrate their anniversary, so it’s safe to say they’re doing just fine.

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