Russell Crowe desperate to lose weight via an emergency liposuction: Rumor

Russell Crowe, allegedly, gained several pounds to the point that his bulging tummy is causing worry on the actor.

According to Globe, Russell Crowe is stressed over his sudden weight gain that he wants to resort to emergency liposuction.

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“He’s showing off his ripped biceps, but the big belly has been hanging on like an unwanted friend and no amount of exercise or weight training will get rid of it. People can see he’s uncomfortable with the way it protrudes like that, though he tries his best to suck it in when he’s posing for photos,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Crowe’s much younger girlfriend, Britney Theriot must think that it’s a turnoff to be seen with such a flabby guy.

“Russell’s still more chunk than hunk and that’s got to be a turnoff for his girlfriend, Britney since she’s so fit,” the source said.

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The insider also pointed out that one of Crowe’s problems is that he’s a yo-yo dieter. This means that he’s able to gain and lose weight easily depending on his work commitments.

Last year, he was forced to gain several pounds for his role in Unhinged, and it seems he has not tried to lose the weight.

“He has gone up and down the scale so many times his metabolism must be wrecked. Russell’s only solution is to get lipo and you can bet he’ll be booking the surgery the first chance he gets,” the source said.

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To make their story more convincing, the tabloid published a photo of Crowe looking as chunky as ever. But they were also the ones that mentioned that the actor was forced to gain weight for his role.

There is also no indication that Crowe’s girlfriend is humiliated to be seen with the actor publicly because she must know that he had to pack on the pounds for his role.

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Since it’s not easy to lose weight, it would most likely take Russell Crowe a couple of months to get rid of all the pounds that he gained.

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