Zoe Saldana Reveals Favourite Sexual Position

zoe saldana reveals favourite sexual positionZoe Saldana says her favourite sexual position is  on top the 35-year-old beauty who is dating Italian artist Marco Perego admits she did go off the erotic arrangement at one stage during intimate moments because she was being “lazy”, but she is now enjoying taking control in the bedroom thanks to her long legs.

Speaking in a new interview for an episode of ‘The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet Zoe Saldana who previously dated Bradley Cooper said: “I have to say, for a long time I was a bit lazy so I didn’t like to be on top, but I’m really digging it But I’ve found things that work because I have really long legs If I’m on top, if I’m straddling why am I stuttering? It’s so f**king natural.

Despite previously working in fastfood restaurant Burger King when she was younger and starring in sever high-profile movies including ‘Avatar’ and Star Trek Into the Darkness the brunette actress insists she is still trying to figure out exactly who she is.

She added: I know who I am. I love who I am. I like what I do, and I like how I do it. I like my mistakes and I like the pace at which I learn from my mistakes. I don’t want to be anybody else but me, and by knowing this, I want to continue figuring out who the f**k I I’m not defined by sex, I’m not defined by race, I’m not defined by nationality, I’m Zoe I could have been a boy, I could have been a dog, but I’m Zoe. I’m my mother’s daughter, I’m my father’s daughter.

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