Zoe Saldana Listens to Her Ageing Body

zoe saldana listens to her ageing bodyZoe Saldana is listening to her ageing body The 35-year-old star has begun to feel the strain of age on her body and is adapting her lifestyle to suit, claiming her body makes different requests to what it used to when she was younger.

Talking about how she manages to stay in shape, she said: “It’s changing as I get older. When you’re younger it feels like you’re unbreakable You can eat anything, you can jump from any place, you can fall over and be jerked and bounced around and the next morning you wake up and your body’s, like: ‘Hey, what’s next?

But as I’m ageing – which I’m doing happily – I’m finding that my body is starting to make different requests, which is want I want to listen to and respect the ‘Star Trek’ actress joked she can’t handle late night partying any more and has to head home early to recuperate She told Britain’s HELLO! magazine: If I was partying till 4.30am when I was 22, that would be fine, but now I’m 35, my body is like, ‘Give me a break! It breaks my heart when I see people who don’t take care of themselves because they are running the risk of not being there.

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