Report: Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani Fighting Behind The Scenes Of ‘The Voice’

Fans were ecstatic to see Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani back together on The Voice, even if it is only for a season. However, one magazine reports that there have been problems behind the scenes of the hit show, and the newly engaged couple is in desperate need of help. Here’s what’s going on.

Complete with a paparazzi photo of Stefani and Shelton looking less than happy together, the National Enquirer‘s headline shouts, “Gwen & Blake: Only A Shrink Can Fix Us!” According to the magazine’s anonymous sources, the couple “continue to butt heads over everything from where to live to baby planning and tying the knot,” and it could end poorly if they don’t make it to therapy.

Since The Voice started up again, the insiders say that it’s only gotten worse for the couple. “When the cameras go off they start picking on each other,” a source explains. Unfortunately, the problems don’t end off the set of the show.Despite the fact the couple recently bought a mansion together, the Enquirer says they’re “still squabbling over where to live when they’re not filming The Voice.”

There’s also the question of expanding their family. “Gwen is also holding off on a baby. She isn’t sure she wants to do IVF and they can’t agree on a wedding either,” the snitch adds. Adding to the drama, Shelton “has been bristling after Gwen put him on a short leash,” although the outlet doesn’t mention what exactly caused that. One source admits,

Seeking counseling with a therapist makes sense, especially if they’re going to get their wedding plans on track.

The insider adds, “They’re committed to staying together and love each other dearly, but Gwen wants their issues fixed instead of letting stuff fester. Blake’s old fashioned and he’s just not comfortable talking about personal stuff to a total stranger, but she’s pushing hard to get them professional help.”

The only thing in reality that comes close to this shocking narrative is the fact the Stefani made a joke about having to talk to her therapist after a contestant on The Voice sang a song by Fuel, which reminded her of her ex-husband’s band Bush. Gwen Stefani herself just told Ryan Seacrest on his show that they don’t anticipate having the wedding anytime soon and expect to have it post-COVID, so there’s no debating or fighting happening over it. There’s nothing they can do until a few months into 2021, period.

Stefani also admitted that The Voice has been stressful, but not because of Blake Shelton. She said that watching contestants get axed is always tough to watch, especially when they’re some of her favorites. That’s about the maximum amount of drama we’ve seen from the set of the hit singing competition show.

Furthermore, the Enquirer seems to have a bone to pick with the happy couple. We’ve debunked the outlet’s ongoing narrative that Stefani and Shelton were fighting over their future more times than we can count, including gossip from more than a year ago about the two squabbling over wedding delays.

That doesn’t even cover the Enquirer’s bogus claims from earlier this month about Stefani secretly being pregnant. Earlier this week, he was ecstatic about sharing the number one spot on country radio stations with his fiance. Given that their wedding is still a fair ways off, we don’t expect the tabloids to slow their roll when it comes to the power couple anytime soon.