Brutal axing! Sussexes dumped by Netflix

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle signed what’s believed to be a $200 million, multi-year production deal with Netflix in a blaze of glory – but whispers are growing that the streaming service’s bosses are less than thrilled with their supposed golden geese.

“Word around town is that, despite the big game they talked at pitch meetings, Netflix aren’t happy with what the Sussexes are coming up with,” explains one Hollywood source.

“Which might be why there hasn’t been a peep about what they’re working on from Netflix’s publicity team.”

Last week, the blind gossip website Crazy Days and Nights teased that “the ones who hold the purse strings” aren’t pleased with the “alliterate one” – the writer’s nickname for Meghan – because “it was not supposed to become a vanity project but it’s becoming one already”.

“This seems to be about Meghan, which ties in with the Netflix rumours,” our source adds.

“I haven’t seen the terms of their agreement, but Netflix isn’t going to keep people around who aren’t impressing them. If Meghan and Harry had this deal ripped out from under them, their finances could end up in serious trouble.”


It comes after the couple’s Spotify venture, Archewell Audio, debuted to less than stellar numbers.

While some critics focused on the ‘lacklustre’ content of the show, others pointed out that the prince has seemingly adopted an unusual way of speaking.

According to behaviour expert Judi James, Harry has traded his ‘Queen’s English’ way of speaking for a more slurred ‘mid-Estuary’ – or lower-middle class accent.

Speaking to FEMAIL after the premiere, Judi sensationally labelled Harry’s podcast voice as mid-everything – mid-Atlantic, mid-London and mid-Estuary English.

The behaviour expert went on to describe how the prince highlighted the change in accent by the way he enunciated certain words and phrases.

“Describing the podcast as ‘Our tweny-tweny holiday special’, Harry drops the second ‘t’ in ‘twenty’ in a verbal slurring that sounds either American or South London, although the ‘holiday special’ wording probably places it in the US,” Judi said.