Delusion On Steroids, Lin Wood Claims Trump Is In the Oval Office Now, Still President

Right-wing attorney Lin Wood has once again falsely claimed Donald Trump is still president while making “Q” gestures with his fingers while giving a speech at a rally in South Carolina.

The Trump-loving lawyer bizarrely claimed to his 840,000 followers on Telegram that he was in the White House looking for President Joe Biden, but instead found Trump behind the Resolute Desk — proving he was still president, reported The Daily Dot.

Lin Wood told his social media followers that he roamed the White House and found the former United States (US) president still there.

“I was right. No Joey in the Oval Office. But I did run into our President of the United States,” Wood posted. “President Trump is hanging out and working in the office in which we re-elected him to serve in a historic landslide victory on November 3, 2020.”

Wood posted photos of empty rooms in the White House and another of Trump seated in the Oval Office.

The attorney, who’s facing possible sanctions from the Georgia Bar Association, then shared a post from QAnon promoter GhostEzra, who claims Biden is actually dead and was replaced by a body double.