Jennifer Lopez moves to Los Angeles because of Ben Affleck

A new chapter begins in the life of 51-year-old American singer Jennifer Lopez. Online reports that J.Lo is currently eyeing a new mansion and preparing to move from Miami to Los Angeles.

That means Lopez could be closer to 48-year-old actor Ben Affleck, with whom she recently rekindled an affair.

Most likely, the singer will make California her new home until the fall, because her children from ex-husband Mark Anthony are moving with her.

“She will be spending this summer between Los Angeles and the Hamptons, but Los Angeles will be her main home. She is already looking for a school for her children, ”an insider told reporters.

Recall that over the past month, the paparazzi have repeatedly “caught” Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck on dates. Former lovers publicly showed tenderness to each other and even went on vacation together at a ski resort in Montana.

While the reunion 17 years after the engagement was canceled seems incredible, Lopez and Affleck do look happy in their fresh photos. The news of Jay Lo’s move only reinforces the words of insiders about the couple’s readiness to build a joint future.