Kanye West Posted A Picture Of Steve Harvey On Twitter And Fans Noticed Something Suspicious

What’s in Steve Harvey’s pocket? That was the question many fans were speculating thanks to an innocuous photo posted by Kanye West of the Family Feud host eating at Chick-fil-A. Eagle-eyed viewers were quick to point out that there is more than just an innocent lunch at hand, leading to a wave of jokes about the multimillionaire.

Here Harvey is pictured gesturing the peace sign as he flashes a grin to presumably West snapping the photo. Captioned “Me and Steve Harvey was hungry,” it seems at first glance it appears as nothing more than the duo stopping at the popular fast food joint to chow down on chicken sandwiches and fries.

Yet if you look closer, sticking out of the TV host’s left pant’s pocket is quite clearly the corner of a Ziplock bag. While the bag could contain a number of items, one in particular kept coming up.

Is it really marijuana in his pocket? While the joke is fun to laugh along with, especially with the connotation of “the munchies,” there is not enough evidence to think that is the case. Any number of items could be stored inside a plastic zipper bag.

When we zoom in as far as possible, it appears there is a metal object inside the bag, but there is not enough details to make out exactly what it could be.

Just before posting the picture of Harvey, West also recorded a video of other Chick-fil-A patrons singing and giving grace before eating. It doesn’t really add any context to the Harvey picture, but it is another sign of the rapper’s recent renewed focus on his religion.

Harvey most likely has a perfectly legal legitimate reason for having a bag in his pocket — it’s the easiest way to pack medications for a flight, after all — the jokes are all in good fun. After all, regardless of what he packed for his visit to West, he’s still worth more than some small countries.