Queen Elizabeth will finally strip Meghan Markle, Prince Harry of royal titles in 2021

Queen Elizabeth has decided to settle the royal titles row with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry for good.

The monarch will strip the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of their titles by March next year, believe experts.

If this does happen, Meghan and Harry will officially become private citizens and will no longer be referred to as Royal Highnesses.

Royal expert and author Robert Lacey revealed that the Megxit review due in March will see Meghan and Harry lose or forfeit their HRH titles.

The HRH titles for the Sussexes is currently in suspension.

Expert Lacey explained, “The way it is presented at the moment is that they are HRH but they choose not to use it, it doesn’t say that they are banned from using it. ”

“If this develops in the future, I think it will be presented in the same way – they choose not to be royals anymore. That doesn’t mean they give up their titles,” the Battle of Brothers writer added.

Meghan and Harry bid farewell to their life as royals and stepped away from the monarchy earlier this year.