‘Healing Crystals’ Reason Behind Simon Cowell’s ‘Miraculous’ Recovery?

A tabloid recently credited Simon Cowell’s “miraculous” recovery from his terrible back injury this summer to “powerful healing energy crystals.” The America’s Got Talent judge reportedly “astonished” his pals with how quickly he bounced back after breaking his back.

On August 9, Simon Cowell broke three vertebrae in his back after he was injured while riding an electric bike. In order to repair the affected vertebrae, doctors had to implant a steel rod in Cowell’s back during a six-hour long surgery.

The Globe wrote a month later that “pals” of the notoriously prickly talent judge were “astonished” by Cowell’s “miraculous recovery.” In fact, the tabloid insisted, his friends had dubbed him the “Terminator” in honor of his seemingly superhuman recovery speed.

Just two weeks after the “grueling” surgery, Cowell made his first public appearance, giving credence to the former American Idol judge’s new nickname. To explain part of the reason for the seemingly quick turnaround for Cowell, the tabloid explained that he’d received “powerful healing energy crystals” from his friends to help speed up his recovery.

The Sun has a rather tattered reputation with us. The outlet was once forced to pull a fake Justin Bieber interview from its site after it was discovered that the quotes attributed to the pop star were made up.  The singer-turned-fashion mogul had been clear from the very beginning that she was not going to take part.

The Sun also ran unverified claims from a woman who accused Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez’s fiancé, of propositioning her over text message. The sordid tale was soon picked up by other tabloids, though Gossip Cop learned from a trusted source close to Lopez that the rumors were not all they were made out to be.

All that to say…this is the outlet the Globe turns to for reference? Neither tabloid is reputable in the least, which is why this story just doesn’t add up. The surgery healed Simon Cowell, not the “powerful healing energy crystals.”

If the crystals helped at all, it was because they were given to him by loved ones who were rooting for his recovery. This tabloid really ought to be a bit more choosy with the stories it prints.