Katie Holmes NOT Eloping With Boyfriend Emilio Vitolo

Batman Begins star Katie Holmes has recently been spotted around New York City with Emilio Vitolo. Holmes’s love life is a hot topic for tabloids. Now, one report indicates that she is planning to get married in Las Vegas as soon as possible.

Holmes is “head over heels” for her new beau, according to Heat. An insider says Holmes “wants to elope with the chef as soon as possible.” Holmes has “never been afraid to follow her heart,” and so “she wants this man to be her husband without delay.”

Marrying a man she’s only known for a few months is “even by her standards”, according to a source, “incredibly dramatic and out of the blue.” All the same, Holmes is hoping for “a more casual affair” than her wedding with Tom Cruise was. “This time she wants to elope somewhere like Vegas,” the tabloid concludes by saying, and “announce it once they’ve made it official.”

She’s only publicly dated two men in the last decade and a half, Cruise and then Jamie Foxx. While tabloids ran rampant with speculation about a wedding with Foxx, it never happened. Thus, eloping so quickly like this would be radically out of character for Holmes.

We reached out to a spokesperson for Holmes who told us, on the record, that this is not true. It looks like tabloids are just anxious to push the relationship narrative as quickly as possible.

The term “elope” is entering Heat’s lexicon in a big way. Just last week we debunked a story about Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson eloping because of Gwyneth Paltrow supposedly meddling in their affairs.

You know how when you learn a new word you want to use it as much as possible? That’s what this tabloid is doing, just inventing celebrity weddings while they do it. This tabloid was also debunked for reporting Holmes and Foxx were buying a $30 million home together.

It claimed Princess Beatrice would hold a wedding in the United States and that Khloe Kardashian would get married in her own backyard. Neither of those weddings happened either, so we can see clear as day that wedding stories are just a favorite trope of Heat.