Meghan McCain Plotting Exit From ‘The View?’ We’ve Got Answers

Was Meghan McCain plotting her “escape” from The View? One tabloid claimed the conservative co-host was “holding out” for a big payday before she left. 

The Globe recently took aim at The View co-host Meghan McCain in an article that referred to her as a “mega-monster.” The tabloid contended that McCain was “secretly negotiating” her exit from “the fight-ridden gabfest!” A source for the untrustworthy outlet explained,

Meghan knows she’s burned every bridge possible on the set and thinks she should be at the center of a different show!

In the view of the source, there was only one reason the conservative talk show host hadn’t already left. “The only thing keeping her at The View is ongoing talks about how much she’ll get in a settlement – and she thinks she deserves A LOT!”

The so-called “insider” also claimed that since former View co-host Abby Huntsman, who left the show earlier this year to help with her father gubernatorial campaign, McCain’s remaining co-hosts – Whoopi Goldberg, Ana Navarro, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin – have increasingly sought to “freeze out Meghan.”

Abby was the last woman standing. Now, no one speaks to Meghan.

Part of the reason the rest of the ladies and Meghan McCain have so much tension is because McCain allegedly “believes she’s now The View’s only qualified political pundit.” The source added,

Meghan was there when her dad ran for president and was close to him throughout his time in the Senate. Her whole life has been centered around politics. She isn’t about to let her co-hosts – whom she calls a bunch of actresses and comedians – even talk to her on air or behind the scenes about global events.

In conclusion, the suspicious insider explained McCain “wants to go somewhere where she feels she’ll be appreciated – and everybody on the show will be happy to see her walk out the door.” This is far from the first time the Globe has claimed McCain is disliked by her co-hosts, and that she may be leaving the show as a result.

A year ago, almost to the date, the tabloid reported that Meghan McCain was “hated” by the other ladies on The View and was going to quit the show. An ABC spokesperson flat-out denied the report. “This is ridiculous,” a rep for the network said of the story, “All of our co-hosts are talented and smart professionals.

They have passionate conversations and can agree to disagree.” McCain’s continued presence on the show proved that claim incorrect. This more recent report is similarly false. McCain gets along just fine offscreen with her co-hosts, which social media postings prove.

Meghan McCain is a young, talented, and savvy woman who could possibly take her talents elsewhere if she wanted to lean more towards political commentary. For now, it seems the talk show host, who recently welcomed a daughter named Liberty, is content with her place on The View.

Despite the various tabloids insisting that McCain is feuding with Joy Behar, or driving Whoopi Goldberg to quit the show, the daughter of the late Senator John McCain clearly enjoys a respectful and professional relationship with her co-stars and will likely continue to be a presence on the show for now.