Lori Loughlin working to repair broken ties with daughters after prison

Now it is high time for Lori Loughlin to mend her relationship with daughters [Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose] after she getting released from prison. Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose

Lori Loughlin 56 years old served two months in jail for her involvement in the college admissions scam

According to an insider, Loughlin is happy to finally be back with her daughters’ post-prison. “There’s still a lot to work through,” the source added.

“The biggest hurdle for her is repairing her relationships with Bella and Olivia. That’s the priority,” the insider continued. “Lori feels that she’s a changed woman, and her girls have changed too. There’s a lot of work ahead. It’s going to take time.”

When she had in the prison, the source revealed, “Lori passed her time in prison reading books. The time was spent reflecting on what she did, and she takes full responsibility for her part. She went through all the stages — anger, guilt, embarrassment and then accountability.”