Michelle Obama, Barack Obama Marriage In Trouble, Getting $175 Million Divorce?

Ex-president of United State Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are going for a $175 million divorce.

This report has presented by the Nation Enquires. This tabloid also mention that Obama is fighting over money, kids, and her career.

One tipster said “Ex-first lady “slapped hubby Barack with an ultimatum: clean up your act or face a $175 million divorce!”

The source goes on to claim, “Right now the marriage is hanging by a thread,” adding, “Despite their loving appearances before the cameras, they’ve had knock-down, drag-out fights.”

Another insider mention “Michelle thinks arguments over her spending are ludicrous because she can more than support herself.

“Now she’s warned Barack that her lawyers will see to it he loses a lot more in divorce court than she could ever spend in a lifetime.” Michelle also allegedly told her husband that if he “doesn’t up his game, she’s done for good!”

As per tabloid Obama rebuke several times and he might become furious because of Michelle’s memoir. According to the onlooker he holds Michelle’s hand during President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The hefty deals with Netflix may also cause of rift. Tabloid claimed these kinds of allegation imposed on the Ex-President and his wife Michelle.

From our impeccable source stated that it is such an abnormity claimed imposed by the outlet. The duo is living happily. Obama is a genius and humble man. He never abhorring toward his kids and Michelle. Considering this is the same tabloid that once claimed Barack was planning on stealing back the White House, it’s safe to say it has no idea what it’s talking about.

This tabloid claimed previously that Obama has involve in extra matrimonial relation. However, this news become forge and bogus.