Michelle Obama Confesses: ‘I Wanted To Push Barack Out Of The Window’

One tabloid reports that Michelle Obama would like to throw Barack Obama out of a window. The two are reportedly hitting rock bottom. 

According to Globe, Michelle “has a shocking confessed she’s actually considered pushing her husband out a window.” the bombshell was dropped in a podcast with Conan O’Brien, where she also admitted that fury toward Barack is “intense and these periods can last a long time.”

One source of anger comes from “his habit to tell her he’s on his way home, then dawdling and arriving much, much later.” Insiders tell the tabloid that people close to the couple are bracing for a divorce. “They put on a good show in public,” an insider says, but “the reality is that things are bleak as hell.”

The article then catalogs the history of anger in this marriage, from Michelle feeling “cheated” for dropping her own career to become first lady, as well as their daughter Malia “scandalously twerking” in a club once. It seems the Obamas are losing control of their kids and their marriage, and defenestration could be the only option.

When O’Brien appeared on The Michelle Obama Podcast, he spoke about how vital it is for him that his wife and kids don’t idolize him at the dinner table. O’Brien said to Michelle it was good to see the Obamas do the same, and he comically says “you’re trying to push him out a window occasionally.”

Michelle responded by agreeing “Right, he is the butt of every joke at the table.” This is not murderous, it was a joke. Globe knew this but chose not to explain this context so it could get a juicy story about murder.

This article refers to this tabloid’s own stories around the Obamas. This isn’t a wise tactic as those stories were also totally made-up. Gossip Cop busted this tabloid for saying the Obamas were getting a $150 million divorce, and later that they were only drawing divorce papers up. It claimed Barack and Michelle liked Malia’s boyfriend Rory Farquharson, then later said the Obamas hated him.

There is very little consistency in these stories, except for the tone and target. Clearly, this tabloid just has an ax to grind with the Obama family. No divorce is incoming, nor has Michelle admitted to thoughts of assault via the window. This story takes a comical anecdote and robs it of all context. In fact, she expanded on their marriage and the importance of making a marriage work in the same podcast.