Peter Navarro Clings to Trump, But 20-Year Marriage Ends with Even Splits

Peter Navarro didn’t attend last week’s Trump-celebrating Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando. He accused CPAC of not being MAGA enough.

But the former White House trade adviser has been a regular guest on Steve Bannon’s show as well as Fox News, Newsmax and San Diego-based One America News.

His Twitter feed, with 139,000 followers, promotes his claims of a stolen presidential election and the “#CCPVirus” being a bioweapon.

And Tuesday, Navarro, 71, was the subject of a Politico scoop — fingering him as the author of a 15-page dossier falsely accusing exiled colleague Victoria Coates of being Anonymous — the author of a New York Times op-ed and a tell-all book. She wasn’t.

Last Aug. 28, he tweeted three times — about Joe Biden being soft on China “Tsunami of offshoring,” “Dems crossing THIN BLUE LINE between peaceful protests and anarchy/looting” and “Let’s always remember where the China Virus came from – CHINA!”