Prince William Has Allegedly Been Calling Prince Harry Secretly

Prince William and Prince Harry have allegedly been in touch with each other regularly.

In its April 19 issue, Woman’s Day claimed that the royal siblings have been talking to each other a lot these days. After all, Prince William secretly phoned Prince Harry and the rest is history.

A source for the tabloid said that the Duke of Cambridge decided to extend an olive branch at his brother to avoid any awkwardness when they attend the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue.

As such, Gayle King’s previously claimed that Prince William and Prince Harry had an unproductive conversation isn’t allegedly true.

“Prince William is trying his best to get on good terms with Harry before the ceremony if only for their mom. Diana would be devastated if she knew that her boys had fallen out,” the source said.

However, readers should be wary about the tabloid’s claims. While it is true that Prince William and Prince Harry have agreed on how Princess Diana’s statue would look like, there’s no proof that they’ve been in contact with each other.

Last month, the Duke of Sussex told Oprah Winfrey that he and Prince William are taking a break and have not spoken to each other in months.

During his previous interviews, Archie’s dad also said a similar thing. But he’s always been adamant that he and Prince William will always have each other’s backs in the end because they are brothers.

In fact, the siblings will soon reunite for Prince Philip’s upcoming funeral. However, it is unclear if Prince William and Prince Harry will be spotted in public together because the funeral won’t be a state affair.

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, royal author Omid Scobie said that it was Prince Philip’s decision to not have a state affair even though it’s something that he’s entitled to.

Scobie also revealed that before the Duke of Edinburgh’s passing, he told everyone that he wants a no-fuss ceremonial service that will only be attended by his family members.

And due to the coronavirus pandemic, only 30 people from his family will be allowed to attend his funeral.

Scobie also said that Prince Philip’s funeral will be carried out in military-style. But even though it won’t be completely traditional, it would ultimately reflect any state funeral of the past.

The last time that the royal family held a state funeral was in 1997 for Princess Diana. Prince William and Prince Harry’s mom died following a fatal car crash.