Rebel Wilson opens up for 75-pound weight loss in new photo

Rebel Wilson Has already Throw a staggering 75 pounds during her self-proclaimed “health year.” Now she’s opening up to the steps she took to become the “best version” of herself.

In a new Instagram post, the star of the upcoming movie Senior year reveals what helped her stay motivated when she was at her lowest – and why “it’s never too late” to get well. Read on to discover exactly how Wilson transformed her body.

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Although Wilson has recently shared snaps showing her slender figure, the actress is just posted a picture by itself by its previous emphasis on Instagram.

“I remember that was when I was at my most unhealthy – being overweight and indulging too much in junk food. Use food to calm my emotions. My father had died of one heart attack and it was such a sad time.

I did not think highly of myself and did not appreciate how I should feel, “she wrote in the photo from August 18, where she poses with tennis star Novak Djokovic, which she calls “such a nice guy.”

“It’s interesting that I’m still smiling and still trying to be active … despite being in so much pain. I’m looking back at that girl now and am so proud of what she’s become and achieved.

And just wanted to send encouragement to everyone out there struggling with weight or body issues or emotional eating. I feel you. I know how it is. But it’s never too late to start improving yourself and try to be the best possible version of yourself. “

While Wilson used food as a way of treating herself in the past, she admitted in a recent interview that she had found a new vice too late.

“I just bought a Yves Saint Laurent handbag after finishing treatment The almond and the seahorse because I try to be healthier and treat myself to things that are no longer food, ”she revealed With style.

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Instead of completely trying to renew all aspects of her eating and exercise habits with a single stroke, Wilson said it was the small changes in her daily routine that actually made the biggest difference.

“What I learned is that it really is the little things I do every day that make a difference … Everyone can walk and drink more water and doing small, consistent things that will improve their lives, “she also said With style.

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It wasn’t just looking better or feeling more confident that made Wilson lose weight. The actress revealed during an Instagram Live in May that a big part of her decision to lose weight was her desire to become a mother.

“I was thinking about fertility and have quality eggs in the bank, “she explained. I was like, ‘OK, I have to do this. I’m getting well. ‘”