Cuomo Blames Illegal Immigrants and Trump for Loss of House Seat

During the pandemic, Trump, traditionalists, and everyone without a New York zip code asked everyone to take their fair share of the blame for New York’s struggles.

Thankfully, On the other hand, just months ago Governor Andrew Cuomo took a moment away from defending his romantic hunts to give us another impression of that charming character and tough, bare-knuckle leadership that won him an Emmy award. Don’t feel bad if you miss that.

For some reason, large news networks where Cuomo’s advice was prominently publicized in 2020 have taken a hiatus from featuring him in any capacity. Same like your favorite candy, too much of a good thing is most likely to be the cause.

Governor Cuomo said: “Look, you had a lot going on, you had people who were nervous to come forward, you have undocumented people, nervous to come forward, I believe that the federal government had a chilling effect.”

According to the report from CNN, the fact of blaming President Trump is confusing given that it was the Commander-in-Chief himself that tried to send more illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities.

This seems wildly ungrateful. Especially with a potential re-election battle with Andrew Yang, himself a parent of immigrants it will be interesting to see if statements like this one will age quite as well as his “me too” statements from last year.

We will have to wait for his re-election in 2022 and see if this statement will also help excite strong illegal immigrant support.