Crystal Bathtub Designed by Baldi

Baldi Designs Crystal Bathtub
Baldi Designs Crystal Bathtub

Unique crystal stone bath designed and created by the Florentine firm Baldi.

For those who love to soak in ultimate luxury, lavish in an extravagant crystal bath. Known for turning precious stones and metals into ravishing objects, The Florentine firm Baldi have created the unique crystal stone bath. The average price for one of these extravagant tubs is $925,000.

After extracting a large piece of crystal from the Amazon, Baldi passes the rock onto the master craftsman of Pietrasanta where it is then carved into the one-of-a-kind crystal bathtub.

Pietrasanta is a place well-known for its marble quarries since the time of Michelangelo. After popularity for the product in the American market, the tub is now exclusively available through Hydrology, “a high-end distributor in Chicago."

source: luxuryhomes