Covergirl Lip Stain

covergirl-lip-stain2The Cover Girl lip stain is water based colorant and is available in 10 pretty shades. Whereas lipsticks can disappear quickly and can melt in the summer, lip stains are more resilient. The stain leaves your lips with color throughout long humid days, swimming and eating and drinking. The Cover Girl lip stain is a true lip stain. It’s not like a drying lip gloss like most other stains. It is a complete liquid and should be put on clean dry lips which are not chapped and peeling.

One of the great things about the Cover Girl lip stain is it’s easy to use felt tip pen applicator which allows for precise application. But it comes with a con; if the cap is not fitted tightly the tip of the pen might dry out after two or three uses.

After applying the lip stain make sure to wear a moisturizing top coat of a good gloss so you lips don’t dry out.

The price of the lip stain also makes it a good buy, at $7 it’s a pretty good lip stain. An added pro is the easy to carry marker, you can stash it in your handbag for emergency using.

Overall for a drugstore brand the Cover Girl lip stain is a good quality lip stain.

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