BRANDS casting a spell on 2011 Fashion

Best of the Best Fashion BrandsLuxury of fashion and lifestyle features the year 2011. The brand ‘Ralph Lauren’ leads the men’s fashion brands chart. They have been able to give the brand recognition after the brand has provided the style for several movies. The quality produced by this brand beats any other brand, the label POLO emblem on the polo shirts are simply over whelming. Be it the professional meeting or a casual lunch or a dinner with the colleagues or even going to a beach with friends, the Ralph Lauren Polo shirt would simply speak the class for itself. For women the classic Polo’s famous short sleeve mesh shirt has become a style symbol. This brand has been the most amazing brand for providing variety and versatility for the different tastes of people. 2011 is yet another year of the success of Ralph Lauren that makes it to the top brands’ list.

When any one says ‘CK’ the sound of it spells the class, the most fashion conscious guys would opt for the brand. From sportswear, to denim and underwear the brand is iconic and has made huge strides in the world of designer brands. Coming to think of the variety that CK provides , we cannot forget its fragrances line, that includes the most  used fragrances, ‘Eternity’, ‘Obsession’ and ‘CK one’, that makes the brand stand-alone in itself. The year 2011 would yet again give hype to the brand’s exposure to the market.

‘Dolce & Gabbana’ the name inspires the young as well the old to go for the classic designs by the brand. This brand recently celebrated the 20 years of design, the brand deserved the celebration. The year 2011 has again given an edge of the ‘new luxury’ to the fashion freaks along with elegance and the modern classism.

Lastly the brand ‘Armani’ is an Italian luxury fashion which has a faithful male following who appreciate the clean, tailored lines of each collection. The brand has been producing marvellous pieces and who wouldn’t want to wear the brand. Plus with its new sensational fragrance Armani Code Sport this year, Armani definitely has taken over the interests of the fashionable guys.

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