Look Beautiful Without Makeup

A great many people has expressed their views on beauty and has made me reach to a fact that Beauty is not in the face; Beauty is a light in the heart. Beauty is not something physical, Beauty is how you feel inside, it reflects in the shine of your eyes, it is the air you speak and breath, it is in the originality of your smile. If you want to glow in the stream of natural beauty without putting on any extra artificial makeup, then here are some rare beauty tips for you.

The first thing you need is full eight hours beauty sleep to keep your body in healthy working condition, Get up early and welcome the new sun with a joyous smile and take a bare foot morning walk in on a lush green grass it help to revitalize your body. Relax yourself with a warm bath to wake up all the muscles of your body. Use a natural conditioner everyday to keep your hairs sleek and shining. You don’t want to look boring and typical so get a cute haircut at least after every two months, this will keep you vivacious and jocose.Moisturizer is very essential for your skin to keep it in a pinkish glowing condition. For that drink lots and lots of water and natural juices. It also helps to make your eyes ultra gleaming. You can also take vitamin E and C supplements as they are very benign for flawless skin. Take a steam at least once a week to keep your pores clean, use a facial cleanser every night to wipe and clean dust particles and exhaustion of the whole day.

If you can wear a small amount of makeup, wear it on special occasions such as going to a fancy restaurant, or at your college prom. Just a small amount of goldenish beige colored eye shadow and some lip gloss, and maybe some mascara is enough

In the morning before you go out the door, use a facial exfoliating pad and massage your face in circular motions for a minute or two. This will remove dead skin cells and increase blood circulation making your skin soft and glowing, giving you a natural blush.

Lips are the most precious beauty of a girl, to keep your lips naturally soft and glossy as a rose petal apply some lip balm or Vaseline on a tooth brush and gently rub it on your lips before going to bed. Next day you can only apply a transparent lip gloss for an ultra glossy finishing touch and charm the world with your enchanting beautiful smile.

Always use an exotic feminine body spray before going out to keep you feeling spicy fresh all day long. Colors also play a vital role to enhance your persona and mood, wear colors that suit you. A darker shade of blues, greens and browns helps highlighting your eyes and girlie hues of pinks and lavenders bring out your blush. But always make sure the color stand out with your skin color. Do the dare and go red if you are bold and gallant.

Always remember that your style is your reflection, don’t imitate and see what others wear, wear what you want and celebrate your individuality. They say joy is the best makeup, so be happy and confident. Take pride in yourself and keep your chin high. No problem if you are not a Barbie doll pretty women, accept what you are and make others accept you exactly as you are. You can be as beautiful as you want; it’s just a matter of your own perception.

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