Meghan Markle willing to spend $1 million for a glam squad?

Meghan Markle allegedly wanted to go back to her celebrity life because she believes she can be one while championing her organization.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are busy with their charity works after they step down from their royal duties. However, both were allegedly not that happy when Prince William and Kate Middleton made headlines following their stunning appearance at the James Bond premiere.

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Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are often pitted against each other. Probably, because they have a lot of similarities in some areas. They are close in age, married a royal prince, and have impeccable fashion.

However, the Duchess of Cambridge made headlines with her sequined gold dress at the No Time To Die premiere. Most, if not all, had no words for Middleton that night other than praises. For them, the future queen consort looked gorgeous and was a goddess.

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Middleton turned heads and got everyone’s attention. Markle allegedly didn’t like it. Several royal experts said Middleton’s big night was difficult for Markle.

Royal commentator Neil Sean commented said Middleton’s stunning look was “very hard” for Markle “because she thought this was a big return to the world stage.”

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The Duchess of Sussex is allegedly planning to have a big comeback like what Middleton did. Now that things are back to normal, Markle allegedly wanted to grace various invitations.

She knew that she can do both charities while she cater to her Hollywood side. And she is willing to spend for her future appearance by investing in a glam squad.

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“She will employ her own team of people to make sure she looks her glamorous best and wants all the top stylists, make-up artists, designer outfits and expensive jewelry,” an unnamed source told  Heat Magazine. “it could end up costing up to $1million, but she believes it will be worth it.”

Kate Middleton wowed everyone at the James Bond premiere. Most said it was due to her stunning dress. However, the unnamed insider said Markle knew she wouldn’t receive the same praises if she were the one wearing it.

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According to the source, if the duchess had the audacity to wear a show-stealing outfit, the people would still “destroy” her. Several noticed that Markle and Middleton have been treated differently by the media especially when it comes to their fashion.

For instance, when both wore one-shoulder gowns, Middleton was praised but Markle was criticized. Markle wore a black one-shoulder Givenchy dress at the British Fashion Awards and got flak. 

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However, when Middleton sported a similar design by wearing a white Alexander McQueen gown at the BAFTAs, she was praised. Many said the duchess looked “angelic” and “stunning.”

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