Selena Gomez gained weight after she stopped counting calories: Rumor

Selena Gomez has, allegedly, always struggled with her weight. According to Life & Style, it became more evident that Selena Gomez is struggling with her weight when she made a public appearance recently.

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The tabloid published a photo of Gomez looking as glum as ever. She’s in her sweats, and it’s evident that she has packed on some pounds.

“She definitely had a downcast vibe. She didn’t smile once,” the source said. Another source said that Gomez doesn’t always glam up whenever she goes out in public. But it’s not, allegedly, a secret that she’s struggled with her weight and body image.

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“She has up days and down days, it all depends,” the source said. The insider also claimed to know Gomez’s eating habits and lifestyle choices.

“During the height of her career, Selena counted calories. She’s no longer willing to do that. She tries to get healthfully, but Selena doesn’t think twice about driving to McDonald’s when she feels like having a junk food day,” the source said.

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By the looks of it, the tabloid is just exploiting Gomez’s previous revelations about her health. Years ago, she revealed that she was diagnosed with lupus.

And she eventually underwent a kidney transplant to help with her illness. Selena Gomez also admitted that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which has been a struggle.

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“Some days when I wake up and I’m annoyed, I’m like, ‘I’m going to be alone forever.’ But after those 15 minutes go away, I say to myself, ‘I know there is someone for everybody.’ Self-esteem and confidence are a constant struggle,” she said.

However, none of these revelations can confirm that Gomez has stopped taking good care of herself. And if it’s true that the singer packed on some pounds, this shouldn’t be a cause for alarm.

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A lot of celebrities gained weight during the pandemic because this has been a difficult time. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that Selena Gomez takes care of her body, as well as her mental health.

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