Brad Pitt Never ‘Confessed Love’ For Margot Robbie

Last year, a tabloid claimed Brad Pitt professed his love to Margot Robbie. The story was completely bogus. Looking back on this bogus story, it’s evident the magazine can’t be trusted with its information.

Last summer, NW reported that Brad Pitt declared his love for Margot Robbie amid her marriage to Tom Ackerley falling apart. At the time, Robbie attended the premiere for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood by herself, leading the outlet to speculate she was having marital problems with Ackerley.

“She seemed incredibly lonely and in the moments where she wasn’t being kept busy, she looked as if she may burst into tears,” a supposed source told the publication.

The unnamed tipster further stated Robbie and her husband had been arguing over her friendship with Brad Pitt, however, the fighting only “pushed” her further into her former costar’s arms.

“Brad’s been incredibly supportive and has been helping Margot through with words of advice, having been through two marriages himself,” the dubious insider claimed. The anonymous source continued Pitt tried to “lift her spirits whenever he could and he was hoping that her marriage struggles would open a door.”

From there, the phony insider purported Pitt opened up to Robbie about his feelings at the premiere for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood where he made it clear “how beautiful and talented he thinks she is.”

The questionable tipster asserted Pitt was “secretly gunning for Margot’s feelings to develop from platonic to romantic, and he hoped that if the marriage deteriorated any further, she’ll realize Brad’s the man she’s meant to be with.”

Since Robbie and Pitt starred in the Quentin Tarantino film, there have been a lot of phony reports about a budding romance between the two taking place. Robbie and Ackerley were not and still aren’t having marriage problems. Ackerley couldn’t attend the premiere because of his conflicting work schedules.

And Pitt never professed his love for his former costar. The magazine’s entire premise was a work of fiction. Additionally, this wasn’t the first time the tabloid tried to pin Robbie and Pitt together.

Last August, the publication incorrectly stated Robbie and Pitt were going on secret dates together. The unreliable magazine asserted Robbie and Pitt were having a low-key rendezvous while promoting their film together. There was no actual proof of this happening and as we stated, Robbie is a married woman. 

Before this, we debunked NW for claiming Pitt was fighting Leonardo DiCaprio for Robbie’s affections. The bogus tale alleged the two actors were competing to win Robbie over. This also was another fabricated piece. Neither Pitt nor DiCaprio was vying for Robbie’s love.