Fan of Kylie Jenner was arrested by the police at her house

According to the site TMZ, an incident occurred in the mansion of the star of the Kardashian Family show Kylie Jenner.

It even took a police outfit to solve the problem.

It is reported that the guards of the mansion noticed a man who was trying to get behind the fence. The potential criminal was driven out, but later he returned and carried out his plan.

The 35-year-old man began to demand a personal meeting with Kylie Jenner, but the security could not allow this. The fan refused to leave without fulfilling his demands.

And his requirements were quite simple – the man wanted to tell Kylie Jenner to her face that he loved her. But the police intervened in the plans of the romantic, who took him to the nearest station. The irony of fate was also that at that moment Kylie was not at home.