Ivanka’s Former Handler Issued A Warning About The Former First Daughter: “If You’re Scared Of Trump, You Should Be Terrified Of Ivanka”

When most people think of Ivanka Trump, they probably think of a worthy, rat-like little woman with a high-pitched, squeaky voice and serious sub / dom dynamic that I wouldn’t even want to delve into with her dad. But if you ask me, Trump’s oldest and most popular daughter, if anything, is a snake in the grass.

Only through video material have we already confirmed that her voice is little more than the portrayal of a sweet, innocent young woman and possibly a side effect of too frequent nose surgery.

But as it turns out, I’m not alone in my creeping suspicions that Ivanka Trump is a smart little pig with no hands or feet.

Some time ago, the former apprentice turned into a stand-up comic. Noel Casler, who dropped more than a few “Oh Hell” on us over the years, sat down to interview CJAD host Dave Kaufman, and after reminding us that the then “leader of this nation.” ”

” Being nothing more than a burned Adderall addict, she warned the public quite unexpectedly about Donald Trump’s favorite daughter-wife. “If you are afraid of Trump, you should be afraid of Ivanka,” warned Casler. I think he’s the brain behind the operation. I saw you manipulate it.

It’s all a game. Right down to the wrong sound he’s using. That’s a catch. He likes it when it’s his voice. His true voice is much quieter and curses like a sailor. He is an engineer to take over himself. Ivanka wants to rule us all someday, and I’m not like that … It’s not just an exaggeration – she wants her face to be on money. So people should be very worried about him. “”

Guys, I really don’t think this is something to ignore. It is obvious that Donald has a “soft spot” for his eldest daughter, considering that he couldn’t even bear to be photographed with the other.

Although Ivanka is just as qualified as my dog, she is the person who gets a formal job in the White House. Ivanka is the person who should travel the world on her father’s tails. And Ivanka, the official under his father’s roof, the person most likely to make government decisions – not to mention the whole question, “If I didn’t have my daughter, I would go with him.”

Trump’s namesake Don Jr. He’s always very concerned about him. But now I tell you, the problem lies in Ivanka.