Johnny Depp Threatened To MICROWAVE Amber Heard’s Dog — Actor Reacts!

More unheard claims have been unrolled as soon as the trial between Johnny Depp, Amber Hear and News Group Newspapers began.

On Wednesday (July 8), Depp marked the second day of the trial by going back to the witness stand. He started to give more evidence against NGN and Heard, but the actor also faced allegations — particularly one involving the ex-couple’s teacup Yorkshire terriers, Pistol and Boo. During Wednesday’s questioning, Depp said that he joked about putting Pistol in the microwave. He added that it was a “running joke” before denying claims that he also dangled the animal out of a car window.

He admitted that since the dogs are so tiny, Heard’s family created a running joke that they would put the dog inside the microwave. “I wasn’t the inventor of that joke. I wasn’t the only one who brought things like that up,” Depp explained.

More Accusations vs. Johnny Depp

On the other hand, Sasha Wass QC — NGN’s barrister — revealed that Heard’s sister Whitney arrived at the former couple’s residence and found lines of cocaine in the kitchen, as well as a whiskey bottle and broken glass. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor then admitted he took cocaine and drunk whiskey that day, but he added that Heard and her sister also “participated”.

The lawyer went on and said, “At one stage you took hold of Ms Heard’s dog, held her out of the [car] window and started making howling noises.” Depp then denied the allegation, saying: “That’s not true. It’s an enduring image. I would never do that. That is not my sense of humor.”

Meanwhile, in his witness statement presented to the court, the actor said that the “absurd and invented” scenario never happened since there is no way he would hold a dog or any living things out of a moving car’s window. Previously, Heard faced charges for flying the dogs to Australia on a private jet without divulging the information to customs officials. Authorities only discovered the presence of Pistol and Boo when Heard visited a Gold Coast dog grooming salon.

Amber Heard In Stella McCartney & Johnny Depp In Dior Homme

Because of the incident, it ignited global headlines, especially when Agriculture Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said that it would be better for Heard to return the dogs to the U.S. or he would arrange to have them put down. Before the 72-hour deadline lapsed, Pistol and Boo were quickly flown out of the country, but Heard faced charges — but was never jailed — for breaching Australian customs laws.

TV Presenter Wants To Adopt Pistol, Boo

Following the shocking allegations about Depp’s remarks about Pistol and Boo, Australian breakfast TV presenter Samantha Armytage asked if she could adopt them instead. “Pistol and Boo, haven’t they been through a lot in their lives?” the 43-year-old journalist said after hearing the report on Thursday’s edition of “Sunrise.” Currently, she owns a Labrador named Banjo, but Samantha also expressed her desire to adopt Pistol and Boo due to the alleged terrible incidents.