What Happened To Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn’s Summer Wedding?

Did Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn ditch their plans to “tie the knot in a grand affair” this summer and opt for a more “simple” wedding ceremony due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? One tabloid predicted the pair would get married over the summer in either a virtual wedding or an “intimate and low-key” affair in Nashville.

OK! reported over the summer that Taylor Swift was “forgoing her plans to have a fairy-tale wedding” to her boyfriend of three years, Joe Alwyn. According to a supposed “insider,” the pair were planning a “grand affair” to mark their nuptials, but the pandemic threw those plans for a loop. Despite the small setback, the two still allegedly planned to move forward with the wedding, albeit in a different format.

They’ve moved on to plan B and are currently exploring options, including the possibility of a virtual wedding or something intimate and low-key in Nashville.

Both Alwyn and Swift were supposedly dead set on becoming man and wife this summer, pandemic or not. The so-called “insider” insisted that neither wanted to sit around waiting to get married. “They really don’t want to wait to have a formal ceremony, because that could mean months or maybe another year.”

After all, the source explained, Taylor Swift had “toned down her expensive tastes” to prove to Joe Alwyn that she didn’t “need the material things in life to be happy.” The insider added, “Taylor just wants to be married and Joe feels the same way.”

It’s a matter of fact that Swift is a millionaire. Why would she need to stop buying expensive things? And does Swift have a reputation for her expensive tastes? We’ve never seen anything to suggest that she does. Besides, it’s her money, why would how she spends it at all be a factor in her getting married? The little addendum at the end really threw us for a loop because it came out of nowhere and has no basis in real life or even evidence to back it up.

Moving on to the core of the article, it’s clear that neither this tabloid or it’s dubious “insider” have any clue about Taylor Swift’s personal life. There have been no records over the last few months that have indicated that a wedding took place between Swift and Joe Alwyn.

After the ceremony, couples must apply for a marriage license in order to be lawfully married, and there have been zero records of the couple applying for one. The two are still seeing each other, and clearly enjoy spending time together, so matrimony could be still very much in the cards for Alwyn and Swift, but it probably won’t be a shady tabloid like OK! that breaks the news.

The tabloids have been reporting all year that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are going to get married any second now. Another tabloid, Heat, insisted Swift and Alwyn were going to tie the knot over Zoom, another false story that never came to pass. When, or if, Alwyn and Swift get married, they’ll be the first to let us know.