The Transformation of Malia Obama From 6 To 22 Years Old

Malia Obama, the oldest daughter of former American President Barack Obama, has always been a public figure who posed almost every time when she faced photographers during public events.

Malia was born on 4th July 1998, when Barack was already a senator. Since 2008, when Obama won the presidential elections, Malia was in public. She accompanied her father in all speeches and meetings with sister, Natasha and mother Michelle Obama. As a teenager, she stayed at White House from 2009 to 2017, where she turned into a cute child to a beautiful and successful young adult. She has changed over time and surely beautifully.

Malia was 6-year-old when her father elected to represent Illinois in the U.S. Senate in 2004. She started her her life in the limelight. In the same year, on November 2nd, the family cast vote per Vanity Fair; she waited with the family for the results. Her father won, and little Malia showed off her missing deciduous teeth from her smile.

Soon the Obama family got much of attention and limelight. From 2004 to 2007, Obama saved his political position and announced his candidacy for 2008 in Presidential Nominations. Malia, 8 years old wear black coat and white scarf along with matching gloves and beanie to be saved from frigid Ilions.

In 2008 Barack shared People he has tried to make his daughters’ routine. The parents gave $1 a week allowance for small household chores and arranged movie nights for them. In 2007 Malia said to People that she wished her father would have lost the elections, though Barack said her heart out loud because of her love for Chicago.

Soon the family moved to the White House and Obama made a speech where he told that their daughters get a dog. According to the Mercury News, Malia is allergic to animal fur, so getting a dog was difficult for them. The Washington Post reported Kennedy gifted a Portuguese water dog to the family. The girls called new family member Bo. Later, Sunny, who was another water dog, added to the family.

At 10 in 2008, her parents brought her to the Access Hollywood interview. Both the daughters replied a lot of questions and became cute on camera, but the reaction of the audience turned out a massive success. Obama and his wife tried to keep their daughters’ life as private as they can after an interview.

As a student, Malia was a hard worker. She did an internship in television studios in New York and Los Angeles while she attended school at Sidwell Friends School. She is interested in pursuing her career in entertainment industry. Teen vogue reported Malia became a summer internee at HBO, where her performance was outstanding.

“She is so smart,” Lena Dunham, the show’s creator and lead actor, said on SiriusXm Satellite Radio. “I once asked [Malia], ‘What’s your favorite movie?’ and she was like, ‘Well, do you want me to list by my favorite director, actor, or cinematographer?’ And I was like, ‘You are smarter than me, let’s just be done with that.’” Girls’ showrunner said they were teaching Malia the tasks performed by their writer’s assistant, according to Vanity Fair.

Fox News reported in 2016, Malia did an internship at U.S embassy in Madrid, wondering maybe she is interesting in following her father’s footsteps. Page Six claimed she did an internship at The Weinstein Company film studio in New York City during the gap between high school and Harvard.

The Hollywood Reporter claimed in February 2021, soon she will work on a position at Donald Glover’s projects that are a part of Amazon Deal. This seems to be the most powerful resume of a 22-year- old that will give her success in future!