Trump appears on Mar-a-Lago bandstand to reveal election and New Jersey resort


Ex-president Donald Trump appeared on a largely empty platform at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida to assure his fans that the 2020 election was a fraud and Arizona was hard at work recounting votes.

Trump is still fixated on the results of the 2020 election and still buys into his lies about its legitimacy. ‘Let’s see what they find. I wouldn’t be surprised if they found thousands and thousands and thousands of votes,’ Mr. Trump said in a speech video.

Ex-president Trump suggested that similar recounts can take place in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

As per Forbes, the company’s owner, Doug Logan, helped to spread debunked and nonsensical conspiracy theories about voting software, including the idea that long-dead Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez had a hand in rigging the election against Mr. Trump. Moreover, the group has no history or experience dealing with ballots or elections.

The audit is done under strict press restrictions. The volunteers are inspecting the ballots with UV lights to find watermarks that would damage the paper. The conspiracy theory alleges that Mr. Trump watermarked legitimate ballots as a way to catch Democrats who were unlawfully introducing their ballots into the election.

It is the potential for audits like the one in Arizona to degrade the public’s trust in the country’s electoral legitimacy that worries Republican Kim Wyman, who serves as the secretary of state in Washington state.

“I’m very concerned this has ramifications for every state in the country,” she told The Washington Post. “This is politicizing an administrative process with no real structure or laws or rules in place to guide how it goes.”

She said that the sustained efforts to encounter the 2020 elections set an unsafe example moving forward.

“Every time in the future the party in control loses, they will use some post-election administrative process to call it into question, and people will no longer have confidence that we have fair elections,” she said.

US democracy does not seem to cause Mr. Trump any concern. As per Business Insider, the event in Maricopa County has become the former president’s latest obsession. “He talks about it constantly,” a source told Insider.

It also claimed that Trump was “fixated” on the recount, and asks about it several times a day.

Trump also informed supporters that he was leaving Florida before the hottest temperatures of summer set in to live at his golf resort at Bedminster, New Jersey, and would likely be back at Mar-a-Lago by October.