When ‘The Big Lie’ Crashes, And It Will, It’s Over For The GOP

GOP is unaware of the idea of the danger. On 6th January 2020 elections were certified, especially following the unbelievable tragedy that flawed it, the joke should have been over. Big lies have always been told for ages, and they ended badly because the truth always reaches its correct space. In a few cases, more lies are spoken to cover the previous and when it can no longer be denied, the devastation is total.

We, as humans experienced the most fundamentally insecure time of your life. When the truth finally blasted through, it changed the way you felt, and the way you looked at life forever.

Think about your childhood, when Santa Claus was your idol along with The Easter Bunny, he was a symbol of all that was good and simple in life. Behave yourself, and you get free shit! be a brat and no goodies for you. The whole scam was written by your parents! Sadly, it never lasted long. Children understood the fact until the age of 5 to 6 and some tell stories of their childhood at the age of 22. 60 years later, I can still remember my revelation as clear as day. I was in the tub, and the revelation clenched my stomach. I wailed and started to cry. My mother ran into the bathroom, asking me what was wrong. And then she admitted the con and asked me not to spoil it for my brother. I never did.

You all went through the pain of revelation. Two mixed feelings were the desperate sense of irreplaceable loss of your entire life, a guiding star, had just been ripped from you. Maybe, a little worst pain than the loss of a pet. But the second emotion was one of hopeless betrayal of lying of your parents. Come on, admit it! From that very day, you unconsciously started to develop this tiny, fledgling bullshit sensor that you peeked at every time they said something that you didn’t already know was true. Because they lied to you.

The GOP is far too late to stop it. They claimed that Santa is still there, and it was The Grinch that stole all of their presents. When this falls apart, and it will breach will be total. Now the truth has been unveiled, but they have realized that GOP wasn’t their parents that lied to them, but a bunch of filthy politicians. And once a politician breaks faith with his voters, he’s toast. Don’t touch that dial.