Handcrafted and Extraordinary Helicopter Bed

With a glossy painted surface, this wonderful bed made from steel and hand-sculpted high thickness resin to realize the smoothest of bends, is too serene, comfortable sleeping in. Also, we’re going to clarify precisely why.

Creative and exceptionally technical, this bespoke themed aviation bed comes total with a customized dashboard, joystick, in-assembled USB ports, speakers, walkie-talkies and blazing tail lights. There’s also a top-deck work area and integrated LED lighting. As the group at Dragons of Walton Street clarify, the bed ‘is far beyond only a spot for an aspiring pilot to rest their head’.

The bed really involves life because of the playful control board, and even the LED lighting on the outside of either side takes inspiration from real-world, the lights are various colors since that is the sign that tells the bottom group the direction it’s flying in.

There’s extraordinary attention to detail, from the in-assembled night light and customized plaque and Flag to the body, upholstered faux leather and colored carpet.

Dragons of Walton Street, leaders in extravagance/ luxury nursery design, are documented for breathing life into Childhood dreams with exquisite designs and bespoke room sets, however, this Helicopter Bed really marks the start of another venture one that sees them structure exceptional pieces ‘for customers who look for the remarkable’. Furthermore, it’s their most technical venture so far.

Creative Director, Lucinda Croft, accumulated her group of six for the project, and she had the best knowledge insight because eldest sibling/ brother is a helicopter pilot who was involved at the beginning of the crucial first stage; the planning procedure.

What’s more, we are wanting to discover the amount it will cost: from £35k – and that is the bed without the highest desk, we’re told.