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Modern House On a Rock

Anchored to the rocky shoreline of an unnamed river, House No. 214 hovers above the water’s surface. Its contemporary form is comprised of three white planes stacked on glazed volumes.

Tiny Carbon-Neutral Work Cabin by Koto

Koto‘s carbon-neutral cabins combine Japanese and Scandinavian design influences to remarkable effect, and the company just unveiled its latest offering.

Los Vilos House on the Coast of Chile

On the coast of Chile, Pritzker Prize architect Ryue Nishizawa has designed the Los Vilos House. Following the rocky terrain it occupies, the weekend retreat is topped with a wavy concrete that flows toward the water.

Incredible Floating Home is Finally Complete

The Arkup No.1 Floating Home is not just a luxurious concept but a revolutionary one. Arkup is a unique floating home realised from Olthuis’s philanthropic focus on future habitats

Colour Combination Ideas For Your Living Room Design

Discover some of the most beautiful living room design ideas & colour combinations, from subtle and cosy to daring and confident by some of the world’s top interior designers.

Stone-Like Galleria Department Store in South Korea

In the developing city of Gwanggyo located about 25 kilometers south of Seoul, a high-end Korean department store stands out amongst gray office buildings and other concrete structures.

15 Styling Tips To Transform Your Home

15 Styling Tips to Transform Your Home

Finding the right balance between functionality, coziness and style seems difficult to achieve when decorating…

2010 Summer Beauty Trends

2010 Summer Beauty Trends

These days fashion is all about being elegantly unique and stylish from the rest, our…