Hair Buns And Hair Twists Are Back in 2010

Hair Buns And Hair Twists Are Back in 2010
Hair Buns And Hair Twists Are Back in 2010

Buns and twists are versatile. They can be made and carried in a variety of ways.

Amongst hairstyles hair buns and twists never go out of fashion. In 2010 buns and twists will all embody elegance and grace.

Hair Twists & rope braids trend

  • In 2010 the classic French Twist is the one carelessly curled up. It should not look too made up. The carelessly thrown together look is the best.
  • Twist hairstyle can be molded in different ways. One way of doing it is to twist strands of hair and then pin them in different ways for interesting shapes and style.
  • Matthew Williamson, Zac Posen and Antonio Berardi gave this trend a new look on their catwalks. They used the pony tail twist woven through with neon colours which gave it the new funky look. Rope twists and braids are another style for 2010.
  • This style can simply be achieved by taking two styles of hair and then twisting them and the winding then around each other to form a ‘rope’
  • Rope braids can carelessly hang down the neck or tied up in the shape of a bun. Another way of handling them is to twist them around the head like a milkmaid braid.
  • Rope twists work best with straight long hair.
  • They can work well on any hair color.