Apple iPhone 11 series users report unusual green tint on the display after unlocking

Many iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max clients have complained that they have been seeing an unusual green tint on the display of their gadgets when it is opened.

A Reddit user shared about his concern on the forum, expressing that both he and his mom are facing the issue furthermore, inquired as to whether any other person has been seeing the same.

Therefore, many people replied in the positive, with one writing that the main thing that appears to have “helped a tiny bit” is by updating the smartphone to 13.5.1.

A report in MacRumours specifically indication that many users who have been affected have said that the green tint is obvious for a couple of moments after the iPhone is opened. Some said they have seen it with Dark Mode and Nightshift allowed on their gadgets.

The report included a person saying that approximately 25 per cent of the time he/she opened the iPhone 11 Pro, the screen looks cleaned out with green tint, coming back to normal in around three seconds. It refers to that user have additionally said that the weird tint has been happening on since the time the iOS 13.4.1 update

 While the issue is by seeming basically affecting the iPhone 11 (Review), iPhone 11 Pro, and Pro Max (Survey), there have similarly been a couple of incidents of iPhone X clients talking about a similar issue, a report in iLounge said. 

As per a report by Engadget, one user has said that the green tint vanished after installing iOS 13.5.5, which is as of now in the beta stage. It included that if it is a software issue and the cell phone producer make certain to reveal an update to fix the error soon.